Create the right conditions for creativity to flourish, then bring great ideas to life, on brief and on time.

With 15 years experience, Creative Director Castenzio Cusumano, felt it was time to build a studio dedicated to its clients and also the industries reputation with honest consultancy and creativity that is well informed. Whilst working at FWD Creative with Company Director Ben Shelbourn, Castenzio established himself as a Creative Director and for 7 years he was proud to be part of a company that defined his design career.

When he moved on, he knew that he would take the principals of a great honest business and continue along this path. At Cusumano, we will take your project on and take you on a journey delivering the same level of enthusiasm from start to finish. You can be rest assured that with Cusumano, you will be fully advised and know exactly how your investment is being used to create astonishing results. Your brand is what people think about you; that all important first impression. It’s not just how it looks, but how it talks and how it makes people feel.

If you decide to use us and our complete creative circle of associates, you won’t just get some pretty images and corporate colours. We build a story and we define your business’ character. Often we help established brands that need to find a better way to communicate across different platforms; especially social media. First impressions count and your project is not our excuse to create a vanity project. We deliver design that communicates to the right audience. It’s time to provide you the creative direction you’re looking for.

Cusumano, create. capture. compose.